The warranty on the GM OEM / AC DELCO Parts sold on this website is 12 Months/12,000 miles whichever comes first. There are 2 ways for you to get the part replaced.

1. E-mail us at info@chevroletpartsdirect.com 

for a copy of the Dealer Invoice pertaining to your online order and find a dealer locally near you willing to warranty the part. A copy of the dealer invoice, your complete VIN number and current mileage are required. (Not all dealers will warranty parts they did not sell. It is at their discretion.)

2. E-mail us at info@chevroletpartsdirect.com 

 for letting us know your part is defective. Then place another order by part number on the website using your old order receipt as reference to identify the correct part number. On the new order put in the comments section this is a replacement part and reference the original order number. Once you replace your defective part you must package the part in the same packaging you received the replacement part including all GM labels and markings. Include a copy of your invoice, your VIN, current mileage and what is wrong with the part. Send the package back (at your expense) within 30 days following the return procedure listed under policies on the website.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TERMS AND CONDITIONS Prices on this website are for online purchases only. Web prices will not be honored for phone or in-store purchases. This is a third party parts catalog by RevolutionParts to

chevroletpartsdirect.com customers and offers an alternate method of shopping for the part you need. This is not a GM catalog and is not owned or updated by chevroletpartsdirect.com.

NOTE: The parts listings in this online catalog do not reflect our inventory and/or actual availability and should only be used as a reference guide. This catalog does display special order and some discontinued or vintage items. Discontinued or vintage parts are not offered at a discount and will be billed at MSRP. You will be contacted by e-mail if your order contains any discontinued or vintage items that have a price change. Discontinued or vintage items are not returnable.

Due to monthly manufacturer updates, they will occasionally discontinue or supercede a part number, thus effecting a price change or availability. In such cases, you will be notified via e-mail if your order has changes needing your approval or if your order was cancelled.

The material in this Website could contain technical inaccuracies, pricing, illustration or other errors.