OEM GM Lighting

The lights for your vehicle are powered by the battery and help other vehicles to know that you’re coming. They also help you to see what’s in front of you. If the lights aren’t working it could be because of a loose or burned out bulb or it could be faulty wiring somewhere between the light and the battery. 

Replacing the lights requires an OEM part because this allows you to be more confident it’s going to last. Any of the components of the lights need to be able to keep directing you where to go to keep you safe and to keep others around you safe. If you don’t replace them properly you may burn out the lights quickly again. 

Bed Lighting, Led
Other Names: Lamp Kit More
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  • Chevrolet:
    • Silverado 1500,
    • Silverado 1500 LD,
    • Silverado 2500 HD,
    • Silverado 3500 HD
  • GMC:
    • Sierra 1500,
    • Sierra 1500 Limited,
    • Sierra 2500 HD,
    • Sierra 3500 HD
  • 3 more

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