5 Signs You Need a New Oil Filter

Your Chevy Suburban's engine oil requires and deserves regular attention and care. The best way to ensure clean oil is to change the filter and oil on time. You don't want your engine to have to work harder than it needs to, and dirty oil puts undo strain on the engine, which can shorten its life. Basic maintenance is critical and avoiding it can lead to expensive, complicated consequences and time-consuming repairs.

Your air and oil filters are relatively inexpensive parts that protect your engine to keep it healthy and operating at it best long term. Replace the oil filter and air filter during your routine oil changes. The Houston metropolitan area puts vehicles to the test with daily traffic and busy highways. If you live in an active area, such as Tomball, Tx, use these tips to reduce emissions and the high demand for fuel. Drive efficiently and go easy on the gas pedal and brakes. Maintain your vehicle with regular tune-ups, use the manufacturer's (Chevy's) recommended oil and follow the recommended maintenance schedule. For great prices on Chevy's recommended parts and products, including oil and filters, visit Chevrolet Parts Direct, and enter your VIN.

Signs that Your Chevy's Oil Filter is Dirty

Your oil's primary purpose is to lubricate the engine, and the filter's purpose is to restrain contaminants from flowing into the oil and reaching the engine. The oil contains detergents and protectants that will keep your engine clean and operating smoothly. It's important for you to change the oil and filter before they become filthy and clogged. There are signs that your filter is dirty or clogged; if you recognize any of these issues, change the oil and filter immediately and follow up with a mechanic to ensure that any problems are quickly addressed.

1. Reduced Performance

Pay close attention to the performance level of your vehicle. When a vehicle's performance is affected, it can't accelerate as quickly or as smoothly as it should.
It may feel as if the accelerator isn't working properly. When the oil is dirty, the engine will run, but operating the vehicle under these conditions can create severe damage to the engine.

2. Sputtering

Sputtering is a common symptom of a clogged oil filter. When the filter is clogged, it won't release oil correctly, and the car will not maintain its speed. Catch this problem early. If you are noticing light sputtering, this could indicate the potential for a much bigger problem.

3. Metallic Noises in the Engine

A blocked and dirty filter will restrict the flow of oil, which may result in metal to metal sound as the engine works. Metallic noises coming from the engine are a bad sign. If this occurs, pull over immediately before damage is experienced in the engine. You will need to replace the oil filter and dirty oil and get oil flowing through the engine.

4. Sudden Drop in Oil Pressure

The oil pressure gauge is on the dash. Read this gauge while you are driving. If a serious drop in oil pressure is experienced, this is cause for alarm and an immediate inspection. Pull over and check the oil. The oil pressure normally remains stable and won't drop more than a fraction of a percent while in operation. A rapid change in pressure could create serious problems.

5. Black Exhaust

Black exhaust indicates dirty oil. If you smell burning oil, it is a sign of a problem. Bring the car to a mechanic for an inspection right away. A clogged oil filter should be replaced immediately along with an oil change. If the clog has entered the system, it will need to be removed along with any sludge that has made its way into the engine. If you enjoy do-it-yourself projects, visit our online store and enter your VIN. You will be provided with the oil and filter that are recommended by Chevy for your particular vehicle. Low-quality filters are not recommended because they allow dirt and contaminants to enter the oil and the engine, which will harm your car.

Bypass Valve

Oil filters have a safety mechanism called a bypass valve. This valve will let oil in and out of the filter, but if the fluid pressure builds between the inlet and outlet, the valve will open as a default to protect the engine from being deprived of oil. Dirty, unfiltered oil is then allowed into the engine. This is to safeguard the motor from seizing up. But, this dirty oil will cause severe damage to the engine. Change your oil and filter regularly to protect the motor.

Use High Quality Oil and an OEM Filter

• Dirt will thicken the oil when the filter isn't changed on schedule with the oil. Use a high quality, OEM filter.
• Dirty oil is abrasive and will create friction on the components in the engine. Change the oil regularly with high-quality oil.
• Use the oil that is recommended by Chevy because the rust-fighters, detergents and friction reducers within the oil will protect your engine.
• Thick and dirty oil will hinder lubrication and can destroy the engine.

Change the Oil and Filter on Schedule

Professional technicians and mechanics usually recommend that the oil and air filters are changed during every oil change. Do not risk changing the oil and keeping the dirty filter. If the filter is dirty or clogged, it will restrict the clean oil. A new oil filter is one of the most inexpensive ways to prevent premature wear and costly damage to the engine.

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